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The Ampersands will remind you of the effortless genre-hopping of The Super Furry Animals, the stylish experimentation of XTC and the melodic imagination of the great 60s bands. That's a lot to ask from one track, but 'The Pigeon' accomplishes it all with considerable panache.

Review of The Pigeon


The pounding backbeat comes in, a fuzzy guitar flails and Aaron McQuade starts his manic, melodic ramblings. What better way to package such an important message than to place it in a song that may never leave people’s heads after the first time they hear it. (Try This is) the perfect pop song?


Year-In-Review Best of 2012


Fans of brainy power-pop and bands like Fountains of Wayne or Apples in Stereo should devour the latest effort from The Ampersands. The songs on the 12-track "This Is Your Adventure Too" are excellent as Aaron McQuade and Jim Pace ensnare listeners in their musical web. There's some real potential here. 


Review of This Is Your Adventure Too


If you're into no-holds-barred holy-shit-these-assholes-are-talented Fuck-I-wish-I-could-stuff-them-and-mount-them-above-my-knitting-chair I would like to recommend (The Ampersands) which looks like a drunk G: &


Review of This Is Your Adventure Too / Try This


This Is Your Adventure Too is alternately manically noisy (”Try This”) and touching in its simplicity (”King Fumble”), but the exquisitely penned lyrics reveal both a keen sense of irony and a wonderfully human generosity – as well as a vocabulary that puts other bands to shame.


Review of This Is Your Adventure Too / Try This


Like And, the music on This is Your Adventure Too contains one exquisitely crafted melodic track after another ... (while) the music from This Is Your Adventure Too is catchy on the surface, the lyrics convey a serious mood.


Review of This Is Your Adventure Too / Try This

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine’s boyfriend tells her to be quiet because the Eagles’ “Desperado” was on the radio, and then he goes into a sort of trance? Okay I’m exaggerating, but that’s how I kind of feel when I listen to this gorgeous ballad by the duo the Ampersands. From the terrific power pop album, This Is Your Adventure Too, “Alsace Lorraine” is an amazing track not just for the melody, but also for the extraordinary lush orchestral section and the beautiful harmony singing between Aaron McQuade and his wife, Evie. This may be my favorite song of 2012.

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The powerpop duo are making my kind of music: it’s catchy, relatively happy music by a band that not only sounds like they love what they’re doing, but they are also damn good at it. It’s complex, well-performed, and cleverly-written.


Review of This Is Your Adventure Too



Whether it's alongside the fuzzy keyboard of "Try This" or slick hooks of "You", there's a near constant bounce to the songs that simply refuses to be contained.


Review of This Is Your Adventure Too


Like the instructions of the refrain, the listener is sort of helpless in the face of the hook, drawing gravity from splashy high-hats and even a bit of cowbell. 


Review of This Is Your Adventure Too / Try This




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I don't have to look a fool trying and failing to convey how awesome this band is; you can just click one of the little sideways-triangles above and your ears will do all the heavy lifting. I recommend "Try This" or "October."

Long story short, this power-pop band with a whiff of prog is a cracking good time, and range they display between the high-distortion hook-driven "Try This" and the elegiac ballad "Alsace Lorraine" is thrilling. Great stuff.

Just a guy on Amazon, but I loved this review and he's the only person who left one on our record there, so I'm including it here. Thanks, Kyle! We love you too.