If you're here, that means you're someone incredibly important to us.

We thank you, sincerely, for taking the time to learn and listen more. 


It's All Been a Wash
The Pigeon

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Happy to Be Here

This Is Your Adventure Too




Why are you (the reader) so important to us?

We're only two people. We live thousands of miles apart. We have successful non-music careers. We have wonderful and stable families. And Aaron can't even look at a stage without crippling anxiety setting in.

We obviously can't tour. And we are under no illusion that we could ever sell enough albums alone to make a living doing this.


But we're still making music...


...because we've been told over and over that we have something special. That our songs and stories and the way we tell them really mean something to people. And that there are a lot of people out there for whom our music would become an important part of their lives, if only they were introduced to us. And that makes us feel good.

If you're on our EPK page, that means two things. First, it means we think, based on what we know about your love of music, you're one of those people. Most of our biggest fans are actually people like you - curators, reviewers, and music industry professionals. Second, it means you're someone with access to an audience that is largely not yet familiar with us, but whom we'd love to meet, and who we really hope you think would love to meet us too. 

So that's why you're so important to us. The reason we're still making music is to meet new people through our songs and albums and make them feel something special.


We're happy to be here. We hope you are too.


The Ampersands are a Bay Area / Twin Cities indie-rock/pop studio outfit led by singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Aaron McQuade and Jim Pace, who have been making music with each other for well more than half their lives.

Sometimes compared to bands like Fountains of Wayne, Vampire Weekend, and members of the Elephant 6 collective, The Ampersands make music that combines unique hooks with some of the most curiosity-provoking lyrics being written today.

We believe that music should do more than just get stuck in your head — it should do something constructive while it's in there.

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